Community Announcement

May 18th, 2020
Dear fellow women veterans and community supporters.
I hope everyone is enjoying the weather as we enter the warmer days of summer!
To bring sunnier days to the future of the organization, we are thrilled to have hired a fully credentialed and compassionate Executive Director. An Executive Director who has a unique social and political skillset; who can build bridges and develop innovative practices; who is knowledgeable of evidence based practices and therapeutic modalities; who is highly respected and well established in her community and who, most of all, is both kind and passionate about serving our most vulnerable citizens.
We are proud and excited to present former State Senator and current Representative Colleen Madigan, LCSW as our new interim Executive Director. Congratulations Colleen – we are incredibly fortunate to have you on our team. Your guidance and direction will ensure the continuation of a safe and secure home for women veterans and their children.
As we work with Colleen to revise, update, and develop innovative policies and safety measures for the house, we will unfortunately not be accepting any additional referrals. Our hope is to begin accepting referrals again in the near future once policies are established to guarantee the safety and wellbeing of the veterans while staying at the Betsy Ann Ross.
A shout out to Martha for establishing and laying the foundation for the Betsy Ann Ross House of Hope. It is now time for us to move forward with concretely developing a solid plan to promote a secure and stable future for the organization. This includes prioritizing resident safety during times of widespread illness. We will be working tirelessly to ensure policies and procedures are developed and implemented to protect the well-being of our communities’ women veterans and their children. This also allows for the revitalization of existing policies to establish an evidence- based modality for the women to utilize during their stay at the Betsy Ann Ross.
We thank everyone who has given the house their dependable and dedicated support. The past, present and future of the organization is reliant on your perpetual commitment to volunteering, donations, and simple encouragement. For that, the entire house is grateful. Thank you.
As we progress through the exciting transition in leadership and policy changes, we hope you continue to support the Betsy Ann Ross with providing a safe and stable home for women veterans and their children.
We will continue to post updates, while reaching out to community members like yourself. If you would like to show support, we are compiling a list of future volunteers and are still accepting donations for our veterans and their children.
We highly respect the confidentiality of the veterans we serve and cannot answer specific questions regarding them. However, we would love to hear from you – please reach out to us via Facebook Messenger regarding any additional information, questions, ideas, or support. We truly value your input.
Again, thank you and hope to see you soon.
The Betsy Ann Ross House of Hope Board of Directors