June 2014
Incorporated as a non-profit organization
November 2014
IRS 501(c)3 status acquired
November 2014
1st fundraiser: Slates restaurant, raised $560
December 2014
2nd fundraiser: Poinsettia sale, raised $590
January 2015
3rd fundraiser: 1920’s cocktail party, raised $1,590
April 2016
Bought a house in Augusta, Maine through donations and a mortgage. Renovated the house over the next 18 months with volunteers and contractors, while raising $75,000 for the improvements.
November 2017
Opened the house with 3 homeless female veterans and one child. We have since transitioned 9 women and 4 children to permanent housing throughout the country; some with stable employment, others with disability benefits. We currently have transitioned veterans living in Texas, Pennsylvania and right here in Maine.
Summer 2018
The mortgage on the house was paid-in-full by a wonderful donor.
Since incorporation, we have raised over $400,000 to purchase and renovate a large house with 4 bathrooms, 8 bedrooms, a spacious kitchen, dining room and a warm inviting living room. This money has also allowed us to develop living skills programs for our residents, maintain the household and provide assistance to other veterans in the community.
We have hosted various fundraisers over the past 3 years including a bowling tournament, disc golf tournament, spaghetti supper and a 1920’s Mystery at the Mansion at the Viles House in Augusta.  We have more on the horizon; a “polar bear dip”, our annual bowling tournament, doubles disc golf, a “purse auction and tea” at the Viles House and another Mystery at the Mansion event.