SIAC provides housing and help for woman veterans

The Sisters in Arms Center (SIAC) is a safe haven for all women veterans. We have transitional housing available for women veterans who have found themselves homeless out of no fault of their own. We provide housing and help for them and their children. (formally known as the Betsy Ann Ross House of Hope)
Our home is spacious with a welcoming atmosphere reminiscent of when one visits mom or nana. Eight separate rooms are cozy, have two beds, and vast storage capacity. There’s even a family room for children to play. Our objective is to help our sisters-in-arms feel safe and secure in their time of need as we assist them in becoming self-sufficient.

We always need volunteers. If you’re interested please click HERE.

Strong Bonds with our Sisters-in-Arms

Strong Bonds with our Sisters-in-Arms, our support group, meets regularly. We welcome all women veterans who want to discuss their military experiences with their sisters in strict confidentiality.
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We are a 501(c)3 non-profit providing services to the community.

The views represented here are strictly those of the Sisters in Arms Center – not those of the any governmental or military department.