Dear Prospective Volunteer,

Thank you for reaching out to volunteer! With your support, our vision to create a world where strong women and their children have equal representation and appreciation, will become a reality.  We have started creating this world within the walls of the Sisters in Arms Center.

Together, we will be able to expand the foundation of equality for our women veterans and their children for years to come.  Strong women will continue to have a warm place to live with their children; a home where they can reignite their strength and return to the community, confident and ready to live with newfound determination.

We strive for an equal world.

Where a women’s service to country, community and family has equal representation. 

Where she is always remembered for her sacrifices. 

Where her will and strength are appreciated and recognized.

A world where she can finally feel free at home with her children. 

Thank you for creating that world with us.

It means the world to us.

With Gratitude,

Rebecca Cornell du Houx, LCSW, MSW

Executive Director

Sisters in Arms Center