Support group

After our successful first meeting we are meeting on a regular basis.

Please call or text our Executive Director, Rebecca Cornell du Houx, at 207-530-0466 and/or email her at and/or simply pm her on our Facebook page.

Military sisters are coming together to provide confidential compassionate comradeship for each other

We are creating a confidential support group for any current or former women service members from any branch to openly discuss our military experiences.

We truly want to meet our sisters to have a compassionate conversation about each member’s realities. We will likely be discussing difficult topics. Please remember that you will be surrounded by an incredibly supportive group of women who empathize and can discuss their shared experiences, thereby creating a comfortable, unifying atmosphere, comprised of a deep understanding about the complexities of serving in the military as a woman.

While we will be providing a virtual option, we would love to meet you in person for at least the first group gathering, if possible. The group is scheduled to meet weekly for a total of six weeks. The meetings will be peer driven and steered in the direction the group chooses, facilitated by a Licensed Credited Social Worker (LCSW) woman service member. All group members will need to verbally acknowledge agreement to keep their fellow sister’s information shared within the group confidential. Trust is the foundation we’ll need for our group to grow stronger together and build each other up. Hence, a unified understanding that we are here in support of each other will be established and adhered to.

Due to the sensitivity of topics discussed, and to ensure the highest potential for confidentiality, please let us know if you are interested by calling or texting Rebecca Cornell du Houx at 207-530-0466 and/or email her at and/or simply pm her on our Facebook page. If you think for a second that this confidential group would interest you, please reach out to Rebecca.

Again, any information you tell Rebecca regarding your identification, whether you decide to join the group or not, will be strictly confidential. We all hope you’ll join us.

A holiday meal or snacks will be provided, depending on the number of members attend the meetings.

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